Your Jewelers - Jewelry Store in Lebanon NH

We are a hometown, family owned and operated jewelry store. Here at Your Jewelers we easily compete with other jewelry store prices such as the mall jewelry stores. We can provide a true and honest sale price without first jacking the prices up.

We still believe in customer service, and that's why we provide free jewelry cleaning and inspection, and unlike other jewelry stores, we won't charge you for a warranty. We will take care of it for you, stress-free.

Your Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store. Our services include buying gold, all kinds of jewelry repair, and custom design jewelry is our specialty. We have a large selection of engagement rings, wedding sets, and a very nice line of design your own wedding rings. Also, (Coming soon) we will have a 42' touch screen design studio and app.

Most of our engagement rings come with a matching travel cubic zirconia and silver ring to provide you with security while you vacation completely free of charge. And unlike other jewelry stores, we provide a beautiful selection of GIA certified stones and pearls.

You can pick and design from our selection or bring in any of your heirlooms to recreate and restore your most precious jewelry. If you're looking for a clean, honest, personable experience, Your Jewelers is the jewelry store to visit.

We are one of the very few jewelry stores providing in-house repair and customizing. Other jewelry stores will send off your jewelry and it can take up to two to three weeks, where at Your Jewelers your repairs will be completed in two to three days, some things can even be done while you wait.

We also provide silver jewelry at affordable prices that are at about half the price of other jewelry stores. We have a wide selection of unique and custom, both new and estate, gold and silver earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, and bracelets.

We also are the exclusive Northern Cincinnati dealer of Zepplin watches, the official watch of the Cincinnati Reds. So stop and see us because we are your jeweler.


At Your Jewelers, we know that picking the right engagement ring for that special someone in your life can be very stressful. We are here to help guide you through the process. If you already have something in mind, bring in a picture or drawing or just your imagination and we will create the perfect, unique, one of a kind way to say I love you.

How much you should spend on an engagement ring

Your engagement is a very special and meaningful occasion and you really need to make sure that this important event in your life will be very memorable. One of the important events that take place during an engagement is the offering of the engagement ring. One of the predicaments for buying engagement rings is the cost. It is very common to ask how much should you spend for an engagement ring. The basic rule is to determine your budget. Best quality engagement rings are kind of expensive but that will also depend on your choice of styles, stones and materials. Some recommend setting a ceiling of three month’s salary as a budget when buying for the ring but you can actually set a lower amount if you find it too burdensome or uncomfortable. However, it is always best not to let others tell you how much you should spend for the ring. You should gauge how much you are comfortable of spending for it.

While an engagement ring is an important manifestation of your love you should not gauge its value based on the price of the ring but more on its meaning. There are also alternative options that can help you save from the cost for the engagement ring such as having a custom ring made based on the design, stone and style of your choice. It is also best to consider as a rule of thumb that the best amount to spend for an engagement ring is the amount that you can afford of paying.